MIDAS PROTOCOL WALLET Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 Release Announcement


Running the roadmap and focus on product development are at the heart of our growth strategy.

We are pleased to announce that our Midas Wallet Android Alpha-1 is released today (20/09/2018) and Midas Wallet iOS Alpha-1 will be released in next few days. This version has the following functionalities:

1. Wallet Management with hardware-backed Keystore for highest security-level
You could create new or restore wallet from seed-words/mnemonic-phrase. It’s happened locally on your devices and your sensitive information such as seed-words, private key,.. are well encrypted at highest security-level.

2. Completed features ETH and ERC-20 tokens
With Midas Wallet Alpha-1, You could send, receive, and view transactions history of your ETH and all associated ERC-20 tokens. Our designers worked hard to make sure your experience is smooth and convenient.

3. Essential Portfolio-management
Our portfolio management gives insight of your wallet from time to time, and helps you exploring it in details and presenting it in a pie-chart.

4. Instant swap ETH & ERC-20 tokens with Kyber.network
With Kyber.network integration, you could easily swap ETH and ERC-20 tokens. The whole process is fast and reliable so you could grab any ERC-20 tokens (which supported by Kyber) as you want.

By the end of September, we will release version Alpha-2 with additional functionalities:

  • Completed support for BTC
  • Getting detail of your transactions
  • Improving portfolio management

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MIDAS PROTOCOL WALLET Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 Release Announcement
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