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We are proud to present to our Midas Pioneers the new project for voting: Extradecoin

Extradecoin is a crypto exchange that focus on Margin Trading and Token Play. Extradecoin provides a venue for game enthusiasts to play, earn and trade token of many games. The beta version of the exchange and the game market has been released by Extradecoin, showing the determination of the team in becoming market leader in the decentralized game economy. For complete information please visit: https://extradecoin.com

Our experts have voted internally and given a consensus on Positive Status to Project Extradecoin. Hence, this project will go to second round of voting by Midas Pioneers, starting at 11am (GMT+8) on 16th of August. The voting will take 72h and end at 11am (GMT+ 8) on 19th of August.

If the Pioneer Voting round reaches > 51% Midas power consensus on “Yes” Status then the project will go straight to Pooling which will take place on the 20th of August for 10 consecutive days.

We have represented our Pioneers to seize a quota of 1000 ETH worth of ETE tokens from the Extradecoin team for pooling with a bonus of 25% to contributors. Midas Foundation will then reward 10% of the funds raised in MAS tokens to participants (2% to all voters equally and 8% to pool participants according to their pool stake). After Pooling ends, all MAS reward tokens will then be transferred to the participants’ account on VINEX Network. So in total, in this pooling, the value of bonus and reward will reach 35%.

The Pooling will also be open to all public. You only need to register an account on Midas Protocol to participate into the pool. (This account will be mirrored across Midas ecosystem, including Midas Foundation and VINEX Network, so you won't have to create additional account on VINEX to receive MAS reward token).
This will help all contributors, regardless of their nationalities (India, China, USA, Korea …), buy ETE token especially those KYC have been rejected when signing up directly with Extradecoin due to their ICO legal requirement.

Please note that voting will not cost you any token. All participants in the voting round will receive equal voting reward regardless of voting Yes or No.

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