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First Masternode Voting on Midas Foundation


Based on a Midas Pioneer’s project submission and after passing our board review, Divi Masternode is now up for voting on Midas Foundation.

If the Vote passes 51% then pooling will be conducted, ACCEPTING ONLY $DIVX.
Other type of token sent to our pooling address WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

Proposed rules for $DIVI MasterNodes on Midas Foundation:

  1. The pooling of $DIVX will not be returned to the pooling members as it’s held by the Foundation even though all rewards are allocated to the Pooling members and Pioneers as a group.
  2. Every Year starting when Divi Project MainNet starts, a vote will be held for the people who pooled to assess continuing forward in order to decide to continue or to dissolve the Masternode holding.
  3. The Diamond MasterNode has a 20% bonus that amounts to very near 125,000 $DIVI per month and this will be distributed to Midas Pioneers who contributed to the MasterNode Pool, 1/2 based on their pool stake and 1/2 based on their Midas Strength.
  4. The lottery blocks that are given for rewards will be distributed amongst the pooling members of the Diamond Node as they are the ones who put their investment in a lock.
  5. This Diamond Node(s) will be run by the Midas Foundation as a service to the Pioneers and Pooling members.
  6. The distribution of $DIVI will be on a monthly basis to lower the amount of transaction fees.
  7. The minimum amount to be permitted to pool for this Divi Project MasterNode is 500 $DIVX.
  8. The rights to the initial pooling amount of $DIVX can be assigned to another Pioneer member if there is Agreement between both Pioneers.
  9. If a Pioneer sells all $MAS and loses Pioneer status and does not make provisions for the selling of the $DIVI to another member they will forfeit those $DIVI to the Foundation.

Read and vote for Divi Masternode project here:


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First Masternode Voting on Midas Foundation
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